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Nigerian Journal of Microbiology is published by the Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM). It is a purpose driven, peer reviewed (disciplinary/professional) Journal. The Journal provides the sieve for the publications of most important and outstanding scientific research in Medical, Environmental, Industrial, Agricultural, Food, Petroleum and other aspects of Microbiology in Nigeria. Its establishment several decades ago is to satisfy the wish and desire of many research conscious microbiologists in the Universities and other higher institutions in Nigeria. It also provides a platform for the presentation of their findings and a channel of communication between indigenous researchers, lecturers and policy makers in the field of microbiology and their colleagues in other parts of the world. The Journal invites original papers, critical review articles, case studies, technical reports and short communications on recent findings in all aspects of microbiology that are not published or not considered for publication elsewhere. It is the aim of the Editorial Board of the NJM to inform authors of the decision on their manuscript within six (6) weeks of submission. NJM is a biannual Journal published in June and December.